Friday, February 10, 2012

Heart Cupcakes w/ Marshmallow Fondant

My mom is pretty much the best ever.  For valentines day she sent me a heart-shaped silicone cupcake pan, a set of v-day sprinkles and a big bag of pink and white marshmallows.  All three of those gifts were used to create these adorable cupcakes!  Inside is white cake and the outside is covered with marshmallow fondant.  (Check out my post on how to make marshmallow fondant)

Even though these were tasty and super cute, I'm going to post my first ever negative recipe review.  I used the "Simple White Cake Recipe" from  

You guys know I'm no novice baker, so I should be able to pull off any recipe with "Simple" in the title.   The first time I made these they were so clearly not right that the next day I checked the recipe again and realized I had forgotten an ingredient!  DUH. So, I remade them thinking that all my negativity had been my own fault and that this time they would come out perfectly.  I carefully followed the recipe and even though it was better in round two, the cake was still not what I had hoped for.  It was not as fluffy or light as I wanted my white cake to be.  

mmmmm, like a vanilla brick

My BFF said they reminded him of hostess products, which is only semi-complimentary.  Basically, they are really sweet, and really dense.  Not bad though, if you like that sort of thing. 


  1. but they look spectacular!
    <3 MOM

  2. i am getting ready to try my heart pan for the first time - any tips? do i grease the silicone mold like a normal pan?

    1. Tammie - you don't *need* to grease silicone bakewear but I do anyway a lot of the time. It probably depends a lot on the recipe you are using. Make sure you have something under the silicone mold to support it like a cookie sheet.