Monday, February 27, 2012

Top 3 Online Baking Resources

When I have questions I turn to the internet.  Here's a rundown of my favorite sites for baking help!

King Arthur Flour - I am not the sort of person who normally has a lot of brand loyalty.  I'm a thrift-store-shopping store-brand-buying kind of consumer.   That being said, I love King Arthur Flour.  They are a 100% employee owned flour company out of Vermont.  I love their website for a couple reasons.  Their recipes are always spot on, unlike a lot of recipe aggregation sites all of King Arthur's recipes are tried and true.   What really sticks out for me though is that they take the time to have their professional bakers answer questions and reply to comments posted on their site.   Their responses are great little baking lessons.  Their answers also show that they really understand the science of baking and they really want you to have success with your baking!

Baking 911 - This site has everything you need to know from recipes to techniques.  It's hard to pick, but I think the best part of their website is their Quick Guide (I especially like the "How Baking Works" section).   The ladies at Baking 911 are such advanced bakers I'd almost call them chemists!  I love how informative this website is!   This is the website to go to if you ever have a question about what a cooking term means, or how to execute a certain baking technique.    They won't just give you a list of ingredients and instructions, they will actually help you understand the baking process at the most basic level.   They totally live up to their motto "be a better baker"!

The Fresh Loaf - What a community!  This websites strength is definitely in numbers!  With more recipes than you can count,  lessons, videos and more, The Fresh Loaf is a wealth of information.  My favorite aspect of this website is the "peer-reviewed" quality of their recipes.  The large community of bakers, both novice and expert, have left a wealth of useful comments on recipes to help you really nail it.     

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