Monday, February 20, 2012

No-Bake Monday: Pierogies

"Pierogies? But that's not baking!"

"I know, but it has dough.  That counts right?"

(Conversation between me and the BFF.)

I really just wanted to make these.   I'm not going to post the recipe I'm just going to direct you to Pierogies Recipe at the blog Momofuku For 2.   Let me tell you though, they are really good and will make you feel stupid for buying the itsy bitsy boxes of frozen pierogies.   Naturally, these never made it past my kitchen so I never got to take good photos of them.  That one up there is going to have to hold you over until you click through to the recipe.   Don't worry though, all the beautiful photos on that blog really put me to shame.  You'll get your food porn for the day.  


  1. What is the dipping sauce in the photo? (No mention of it on the other sight either) I neeeed to knowwww!

  2. The sauce is just some plain yogurt (greek yogurt is the best, but you can use regular) and chopped dill (dry will also work). I don't measure it, I just add dill until its the amount that looks and tastes good to me. :)