Monday, July 18, 2011

Ginger Beer

Isn't it pretty? It doesn't taste bad either. Ours was only very lightly carbonated because we did it in mason jars instead of bottles, so we had to open them to release built up gas while they were fermenting lest they explode.  (Mason jars are meant to hold a vacuum, not something pressurized).  The fermentation process ate up all the sugars, so I like to sweeten mine a little.  Next time I think I am also going to make it with ginger tea instead of water for added ginger flavor.
Read how to make a "ginger bug" in this post: Original post

Ginger Beer Recipe:
After 7 days your ginger bug should be bubbling, if it's not throw it away and start again.  If it is, it's ready to use. 
Dissolve 3 cups of Rapadura in 10 cups of boiling water (next time I make it, instead of boiling water I am going to use ginger tea, which you make by steeping cut up ginger in boiling water).  Once the sugar is dissolved add the juice of 4 lemons, and 20 more cups of water/ginger tea.   Mix well, cover the bowl tightly and leave for a week.  After 7 days transfer to eight quart bottles with corks or caps and leave for 14 days at room temperature. 

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